From Electric Scooters to Sporty Rides: Must-See Bikes Arriving This Year


This year, 5 new bikes are going to be launched, including 2 electric bikes. These bikes will meet the needs of all types of riders, whether you want a stylish scooter or a powerful sports bike.

Let’s know about these bikes in detail:

1. Hero Xoom 125R

Hero launched its Zoom scooter some time back.

However, it could not become very popular.

But now the company is going to launch its new variant Hero Zoom 125R.

It will be launched this year.

This is a sports scooter which is going to compete directly with TVS NTorq 125.

It will have a 124 cc air cooled engine which is going to generate a torque of 10 Newton meters.

However, no information has come on what its price will be.

2. Hero Xoom 160

Along with Hero Zoom 125R, the company will also launch Hero Zoom 160.

This is going to be a premium scooter, which will get both comfort and power.

It can be brought in the festive season.

Its look will be like a maxi scooter and it is going to get a 160 cc liquid cool engine.

It will have a large windscreen and a large stent.

It is likely to get 14 inch wheels.

3. New Bajaj Chetak

The first electric scooter in this list is the new Bajaj Chetak.

It is going to be launched at a party price.

It will also be brought in 2024.

We got its first glimpse in April 2024, which impressed people a lot.

It will have a small 2.9 kW tower battery and its ex-showroom price is going to be less than ₹ 1 lakh.

4. BMW CE 02

The second electric scooter in the list is BMW CE 02.

It can be launched in the month of August.

According to reports, this is going to be BMW’s electric scooter which will come with a unique design.

How much it will be liked by the people.

It depends on its price because it is going to be quite expensive.

5. New Suzuki Access 125

While Hero and Honda are paying a lot of attention to scooters.

At the same time, Suzuki is also going to bring its new Access 125.

This is going to be the mid-life facelift of the scooter, which will be launched in the second half of 2024.

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