Hero Optima: Don”t Let the Price Fool You – It”s a Powerful E-Scooter!

Do you want to buy an affordable and powerful electric scooter? Then Hero Optima can be a great option for you.

This electric scooter is known for its great range, great performance and stylish look. If you are thinking of buying Hero Optima then this report is for you.

Here we will give you all the information about this scooter, including its features, specifications, price and online purchase options.

Powerful features of Hero Optima

Powerful motor and excellent performance

Hero Optima comes with a powerful BLDC motor of 1200W. This scooter is capable of giving a top speed of 48 kmph. The motor of the scooter is noiseless, which gives you a great riding experience.

Stylish look and comfortable seat

The design of Hero Optima is quite stylish. In this you get LED headlights, digital instrument cluster and alloy wheels. Also, the seat of the scooter is very comfortable which is also better for long distance journeys.


Hero Optima is also considered very good in terms of safety. This scooter has a combi braking system, which applies equal force to both the front and rear wheels when braking. Apart from this, the scooter also gets a central locking system and anti-theft alarm.

Disadvantages of Hero Optima

Its top speed is 48 kmph, which may seem low to some people.

At the same time, the boot space of the scooter is also not very big.

Apart from this, no option of fast charging has been given yet.

Price of Hero Optima

The price of Hero Optima in India starts from ₹ 98,300 and can go up to ₹ 1.24 lakh. The price depends on your chosen variant and location.

How to buy Hero Optima online

If you want to buy Hero Optima online then you can visit websites like Flipkart, Amazon and Droom. On these websites you will get various offers from different sellers.

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