Honda Shine 125: Get Great Mileage on a Budget-Friendly Bike


But what if you get more mileage along with sporty design in the same bike. Yes, talking about Honda Shine 125 bike, it is a very popular bike of the company. Which comes with more mileage apart from sporty look.

Honda Shine 125: Powerful engine and great mileage

If we talk about the engine of Honda Shine 125 bike, then in this bike of the company you get a single cylinder 123.94cc engine. This engine is capable of generating maximum power of 10.74Ps and peak torque of 11Nm. This bike has a combination of disc brake in the front and drum brake in the rear. Which provides much better braking. You also get a mileage of 55 km per liter in this bike.

Honda Shine 125: Price and Variations

Honda Shine 125 is a sporty design bike of the company. Its market price is around Rs 79,800 to Rs 83,800.

Have a low budget to buy a new bike?

Don’t worry! You can buy Honda Shine 125 bike even in a low budget. This bike is available at a very low price on websites that trade second hand two wheelers online.

Second Hand Honda Shine 125: Great Deal

Here we are telling you about some second hand Honda Shine 125 bikes which are available at low price:

1. Olx:

Model: 2009
Color: Black
Kilometers: 26,500
Price: ₹14,500

2. Droom:

Model: 2010
Color: Silver
Kilometers: 35,000
Price: ₹18,000

3. Quikr:

Model: 2011
Color: Red
Kilometers: 42,000
Price: ₹22,000

It is important to note that while buying a second hand bike, you should keep some things in mind:

Check the bike thoroughly.

Ask for all the documents from the owner.

Be sure to take a test drive of the bike.

Negotiate on the price.

Honda Shine 125 is a great bike that gives strong performance and excellent mileage in a low budget. If you want to buy a good bike in a low budget then Honda Shine 125 can be a good option for you.

Some important things about Honda Shine 125:

Engine: 123.94cc, single cylinder
Power: 10

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