Iconic Activa Gets a Charge: Honda Launches Electric Scooter


Leaks suggest a modern evolution with bolder LED DRLs, sleek body panels, and stylish alloy wheels. While retaining the Activa’s signature practicality, Honda might inject sporty elements to appeal to younger audiences.

Performance & Range (Unconfirmed):

Specific details about the powertrain are under wraps. However, speculations point towards a mid-range electric motor paired with a removable or swappable battery pack. This could offer a range between 70-100 km on a single charge, ideal for daily commutes and short errands. Honda’s expertise in engine technology promises a smooth and efficient ride, with peppy acceleration for navigating city traffic.

Connected Features (Potential):

The Activa EV might embrace smart technology, offering variants with a fully digital instrument cluster showcasing essential information like battery level, trip details, and speed. Integration with a mobile app could unlock features like navigation, remote location tracking, and charging station updates. Honda might also offer a “lite” connected variant with basic features at a more accessible price point.

Charging Options (Anticipated):

The Activa EV might cater to diverse charging needs. It could come with a standard home charger for overnight charging and potentially offer compatibility with battery swapping stations like Honda’s partnership with HPCL. This hybrid approach would address range anxiety and ensure convenient charging options for urban riders.

Launch & Price (Estimated):

While Honda hasn’t confirmed a launch date, industry reports suggest a late 2024 or early 2025 unveiling. The price remains a mystery, but speculations place it between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom), making it competitive with established electric scooters like the TVS iQube and Ather 450X.

The Activa EV: A Game Changer?

The Activa EV has the potential to be a game changer in the Indian electric two-wheeler market. Its familiar design, Honda’s brand legacy, and anticipated practical features position it to attract existing Activa users and new electric scooter buyers alike. By addressing range anxiety through potential swappable batteries and convenient charging options, Honda could address a key concern for potential buyers.

However, competition is fierce in the electric scooter segment. The Activa EV will face established players like Ather and TVS, who offer advanced features and longer ranges. Honda’s pricing strategy and focus on practicality will be crucial in winning over customers.


The Honda Activa EV is shrouded in anticipation, but the potential is electrifying. By combining its iconic design with electric technology and addressing user concerns, Honda could redefine the electric scooter landscape in India. While we await official details, the Activa EV promises an exciting evolution in the urban mobility scene, and its arrival is eagerly awaited by millions of riders across the country.

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